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Hike to your heart's content

Family hikes across the Salten plateau with its unique larch meadows, through shady, freshly fragrant forests and sunny heights, secluded places and colourful meadows in bloom with a magical view of the Dolomites: the Möltner Kaser, Stoanern Mandln, Jenesier Jöchl, Sattler Hütte and the Hauserbergalm to name just a few beautiful hiking destinations.

The European walking route E5 also leads through our hiking region.
From Easter onwards there are numerous cosy mountain pasture huts open for food and drink and offering a chance to stop off and rest.
Hikers are always impressed by the traditional cuisine.

The hiking trail begins directly on our doorstep; your car is also on holiday and can switch off. A starting point for magnificent mountainbiking.

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