on arrival, you breathe in that pure mountain air, and feel good
Leitnerhof on arrival, you breathe in that pure mountain air, and feel good

With tradition

Strong roots: our mountain farm in San Genesio, where customs and traditions still play a crucial role

A simple family atmosphere, for generations: on the Leitnerhof farm in Valas near San Genesio you’ll discover a world where tradition is not only alive and thriving, but also cherished and preserved. Here, at an altitude of 1450 metres above sea level, you’ll spend your vacation on a real farm, learning about farming life in the mountains and the people who live that life passionately every day.

Hidden between the walls of our farm is a centuries-old history carried on by the Plattner family with a passion and love for work. In cultivating the land, breeding animals, preparing our recipes, we always take into account the traditions handed down by our ancestors, combining these with modern mountain farm management techniques, a combination that makes a holiday at our farm an unforgettable experience for both young and old!

Choose a different sort of holiday, the Leitnerhof farm in Valas above Bolzano, where history and modern methods come together and a sensibility for the times we live in takes the lead.